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Unfortunately my marriage failed after 18 years and I rarely went out after that because of having to look after the children or friends couldn’t come out with me. So I turned to online dating and couldn’t believe how easy it was to find so many nice people. I have been on a couple of dates but nothing has come of them just yet but Im having fun and getting out more.

- Amanda 45

When a friend of mine said to try out online dating I just laughed saying it was just for sad people that don’t get out much…sadly that is my life. I did sign up and was really surprised that it wasn’t full of weirdo’s and dirty old men and I have met some great guys on your site. I’m now converted to online dating and recommended anyone to just try it.

- Shelly 43

Im new to this online dating and there are so many to choose from, but so far im finding your site on of the easiest to navigate round and there are plenty of members to chat to. I have been on a couple of dates but still looking to meet the right one.

- Shane 47

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